A message from owner & head trainer; Kirsty 

Due to current cirumstances and the COVID-19 pandemic, session availability has changed.

From May 18th, 3 new group training time slots will be availabe;

Tuesday 6.30pm

Thursday 9am

Saturday 8.30am

You can book using the link below. No lock in. $18 per session, discounted from $22 until the end of June!

We are trying to adapt & cater to this, and do our best to offer premium services to the best our abilities. 


Virtual Training

$25 / week


Gold Membership

$69 / week

Silver Membership

$55 / week

This is our premium, best body, offer. Whether you have massive fat loss, muscle gain or general better health goals. This option will give you the opportunity to smash your fitness goals & commit to achieving a way healthier, active lifestyle.


  • Unlimited group sessions/wk 

  • 10% off of merchandise 

  • Access to our future workshops (mind, body & spirit topics covered)

  • Monthly measurements 

  • Nutritional advice, when requested

This option includes what you need to get to your goals at your own pace. Or maybe you just want to add something extra in to your routine, for yourself. Either way, 3 sessions a week leaves you feeling motivated & energised to keep going!


  • x3 group sessions/wk 


    Monthly measurements 

  • Nutritional advice, when requested

Casual Pass

$22 per session (can pay in person, or via our app)

This option is just for those of you who may be looking at 1 or 2 sessions per week. Although it is not encouraged when you have big goals, it is still the perfect way to get involved with our community, get your butt kicked in a workout & feel fantastic about your day. 

The above memberships are new & specific to our Small Group Training Services. These are new services, and are up & running as of January 2020. 

Unfortunately given current circumstances, we are unable to provide in person services, but do have the above virtual training options up for grabs. 

Group Trainings purpose is to create more of a community in the KP Fitness environment, make sessions more affordable & accessible. 

We agree it can be a little disheartening when the price of a few PT sessions plus a gym membership can be a bit far fetched for your weekly personal health budget. 

That is why we created this. 

With more professional focus than a class, but more fun than a one on one session. We have collaborated the two to give you a brand new experience.   

Small group training has a maximum of 15 per session, as well as fundamental training before getting started so you have the confidence to jump straight in. 

We off them at a range of times to suit everyone's schedule too.

We offer different memberships to suit your goals & lifestyle! Contact us if you have an questions at all! OR you can sign up below, select a casual option (pay in person to claim a free session). Can't wait to see you in our community.